Tanka Fund is on a mission to bring buffalo back to Indian Country. We offer all people a way to participate in supporting the buffalo’s return! Tanka Fund’s mission is to direct funds from people like you who are stewards of the Earth, proponents of regenerative agriculture, and defenders of social justice to Native buffalo ranchers to support and sustain ranch planning, financing, and operations.


Tanka Fund provides funding directly to Native ranchers to establish new buffalo ranches or to support, expand, and sustain existing ranch operations.
Our regranting program is a strategy to increase access to capital for Native buffalo caretakers. Tanka Fund helps Native caretakers leverage our funding to access additional resources, such as those available from the USDA.

Securing Capital

Tanka Fund assists Native buffalo ranchers in obtaining patient capital, grant and proposal writing, and with accessing the global market for bison.

Training and Technical Assistance

Tanka Fund procures expert assistance to advise Native buffalo ranchers on ranch planning, implementing and sustaining best ranching practices, and obtaining certifications that allow them to participate in the value-added bison markets.
We are launching Tanka Resilient Agriculture to provide hands-on training to Native ranchers and add value to their herds. People across the country will be able to invest in the cooperative to support Native buffalo caretakers and regenerative agriculture.

Meet Native Producers Supported by Tanka Fund

Tanka Fund provides direct funding and training to Native buffalo caretakers. Hear from some of the producers we support.

Edward "Buzz" Iron Cloud III

Virgil "Chug" Bush