Tanka Fund’s mission is to support the Return of Buffalo to the land, lives, and economy of Native people.  Your taxable donation (100% of it) goes to supporting this Return through regrants or “Return” funds to help the Native Family and Community buffalo projects we support.  These donations are used for infrastructure, land payments and leases, feed, and the continuation of ecologically and economically sustainable buffalo herds.  These herds help to support the local and regional food needs, ecological restoration, and cultural/spiritual resurgences.  Because of the partnership and generous support of foundations such as Bush Foundation, Northwest Area Foundation, Cedar Tree Foundation, Native American Agriculture Fund, First Nations Development Institute, and USDA grants, Tanka Fund is able to take 100% of your donations to deliver programs and services and help leverage matching funds to support the return of million acres and 100,000 buffalo in 10 years.

Support the Return

Help us return one million acres of Native lands to buffalo to restore the health and prosperity of Native communities.

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Thank you for wanting to join us and be part of history. No donation is too small and every donation goes directly to return buffalo to Native lands, diets and economies.

Tanka Fund is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our EIN is 41-1916337. Donations to the Tanka Fund are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. We deeply appreciate your generosity and support!

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If you would like to donate by check, please send to:
Tanka Fund
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Make a Gift, Get a Gift!

Buffalo herds practice reciprocity and generosity, and we are reflecting that practice by offering you a gift as a thank you for your donation! These gifts are meaningful reminders that in helping return buffalo, you are helping write a new chapter in history!

The Tanka Blanket

Tanka Fund has teamed up with Eighth Generation to bring you “The Return” wool blanket, a powerful collaboration that celebrates the return of the buffalo and the renewal of reservation economies. When you donate $500 or more to help return buffalo to Native communities, you will receive this blanket as a gift! Please make your donation today.

Limited edition — new blanket design coming soon!

This stunning, authentic Native designed blanket combines traditional and contemporary buffalo art to present the dream and beauty of the buffalo’s return. Sonja Holy Eagle, who was trained by her grandmother in painting buffalo hides to record the stories of the people, has offered this petroglyph style rendering of a winter count to tell the story of the buffalo’s loss and return.

The return is also symbolized in the contemporary art, which when worn as a wrap, demonstrates how the Buffalo Nation is healing. The buffalo and Native peoples were incomplete without each other. Now we are becoming whole.

This blanket can be yours with a gift of $500 to Tanka Fund. All but $90 of this gift is tax-deductible. With its profound message and unique cultural art, you and your family will cherish this blanket for years and years to come.  Please make your gift today! With your help, it is possible to restore a buffalo economy in the 21st century, one that can bring back thriving life to the prairie ecosystem and Native communities. 

Blanket Information:

  • 2-sided design
  • Covers a Queen Size bed (200 cm x 150 cm)
  • Suede Edge Band
  • 100% New Zealand Wool 
  • Imported 
A young woman sits wrapped in the Tanka Blanket.
A woman standing near water and holding out the Tanka Blanket behind her.

Tanka Bar Variety Box

Give $100, get a Tanka Bar Variety Box!

This box of tasty bison treats includes:

    • 2 Slow Smoked Original Bars
    • 2 Spicy Pepper Bars
    • 2 Apple Orange Peel bars
    • 1 Slow Smoked Original Bite
    • 1 Spicy Pepper Bite
    • 1 Apple Orange Peel Bites
    • 4 Slow Smoked Original Sticks
    • 4 Spicy Pepper Sticks
    • 4 Apple Orange Peel Sticks


All items are gluten free, nitrate free, MSG free and hormone free.

Box with the Tanka logo filled with snacks

Give today and Support the Return!