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Request for Proposal: Digital Marketing Agency to Support the Return of Buffalo

Request for Proposal: Digital Marketing Agency to Support the Return of Buffalo

Tanka Fund is looking for a partner that can lead Tanka Fund into expanded marketing and communications. We are looking for a partner that can help us execute an effective and inspiring digital marketing campaign that generate significant increases in revenue, build momentum, broaden interest, and deepen personal engagement. The budget available for this engagement is $60,000. Estimated start date would be September 2021 and estimated completion would be September 2022.

If this is the type of partnership that is exciting to you, then we invite your firm to respond to this proposal with a timeline, costs, and strategies that you will use.

Our primary goal is to activate an engaged and committed donor base to return buffalo to the lands to restore the health and prosperity of Native communities.

We are looking for someone to complete implementation, data analysis, and optimization of the following:

a. Content Marketing: provide truly relevant and useful content targeted our prospects and donors to deepen engagement and to grow relevant communities that inspire donations and influencers.

b. SEO: provide strategies and implementation recommendations to increase organic search visibility for relevant topics and keywords to support our revenue goals.

c. Email Marketing & Automation: create marketing emails and work collaboratively with Executive Director to set up systems for streamlined and effective email marketing campaigns.

d. Digital Advertising: provide digital advertising strategy, creative, and media plans to deliver on identified key performance indicators and return on ad spend by utilizing a mix inclusive of Google Grants, Adwords, paid search,social, display, and other advertising categories.

e. Social Media Growth & Engagement: create content, deepen conversations, grow communities, and inspire influencers.

f. Measurement & Optimization: develop testing and optimization strategy, implement ongoing testing and optimization plan, and provide recurring reporting on leading and lagging KPIs.

What to Include in Your Proposal:

Please provide a maximum of two case studies that best demonstrate your approach, capabilities, and results.

We would also like you to tell us about the following:

• In what areas does your firm have the most expertise?

• What sets your firm apart from the others, and why?

• How do you think digital marketing will change in the next five years?

• Percentage of nonprofit and for-profit clients.

• Experience working with Indigenous communities and organizations.

• Team member bios that will be assigned to this project and their role within the project:

• Years of experience

• Previous work

• Time with firm

• Two client references we may contact

About Tanka Fund

Tanka Fund believes deeply that Native communities hold the solutions to the challenges we face. One of the solutions to improve health, land, and economy, lies within the buffalo. Native buffalo caretakers need access to capital, training and land to participate in the buffalo market. With these assets, Native buffalo caretakers can become leaders in supplying the natural food market. This will break through the economic isolation of the reservation and allow Native peoples the opportunity to participate fully in the buffalo market and natural food industry. Today, Native ranchers are excluded from benefiting from the growing interest and demand for buffalo. This is a vehicle for community wealth creation. It is also a way that the Native land base can feed Native peoples. This will also drastically improve access to healthy foods for our communities which struggle with high rates of diabetes and heart disease. Our mission is to return one million acres of Native lands to buffalo to restore the health and prosperity of Native communities.

Tanka Fund Currently Uses:

• CMS: Currently WordPress

• CRM Marketing: MailChimp

• Optimization and Analysis: Google Analytics, WordPress Analytics, MailChimp Analytics

• Video: YouTube

• Donor Database: Neon currently, transitioning to Salesforce

Period of Performance

The period of performance of any contract resulting from this solicitation is anticipated to run from September, 2021- September, 2022.

Questions regarding this request may be addressed to Trudy Ecoffey at and must be received no later than September 1, 2021. Decision made by September 15, 2021