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Request for Proposals: Feasibility Study for USDA Local Food Promotion Grant

Request for Proposals: Feasibility Study for USDA Local Food Promotion Grant

Project Description:

Feasibility Study for USDA Local Food Promotion Grant on accessing the local markets on Pine Ridge Reservation and surrounding areas to sell buffalo meat.

Purpose of Feasibility Study:

The purpose of this feasibility study is determining what the local and regional market is for buffalo meat on the Pine Ridge Reservation and surrounding areas. Analysis will determine issues, supply, demand, and cost of a regional and local market. The analysis will require an evaluation method based
on the logic model that will show a comprehensive plan that outlines the feasibility of selling buffalo meat and the cost associations. This plan will show cost of product, market assessment, and needs. This is a collaboration between Makoce Agriculture Development, Native American Natural Foods, Tanka Fund, and local buffalo producers. The study will show cost associated with packaging and labeling, resale value, and break-even cost.

Proposals for consideration need to include:

Budget and budget narrative; timeline for completion (no longer than 12 months) with steps outlining workplan; workplan; and implementation strategy to complete the study. All proposals will be assessed by Tanka Fund board and executive director. Consideration will be given to all complete proposals.

Requirements that contractor will provide at completion of feasibility study:

Summary: Feasibility analysis will include a general description of the project and preliminary plan for its completion.
Market research: Feasibility study will include a section that provides an overview of the market for buffalo meat on Pine Ridge Reservation and surrounding areas. This study will include a marketing plan, potential for growth, possible competitors, and target customers.
Operations: The operations section will include the technology, machinery, materials, staffing and other technical details that contribute to running a business of selling buffalo meat. Consideration will be given to the completion of the project and what are the resources needed to create and distribute
products and services.
Organization: Feasibility analysis will include an outline of how the organization of purchasing, processing, distribution of the product and how it will work and who is responsible for each step. A plan for any legal structure and the expertise needed for implementing a plan of distribution of buffalo meat on Pine Ridge Reservation. This may include the USDA inspection; licensing, and certifications needed for distribution.
Finances: The study will review how much money it will take to implement and follow through needed to fund distribution of buffalo meat on Pine Ridge. The study will show how it can or cannot be supported financially. The study will need to include possible investors or other sources of income and how the costs and earnings may change over time.
Timeline: The timeline provides a plan for how long it will take for a project to be implemented and list the goals and milestones that show progress.
Recommendations: Feasibility Study will include suggestions on how to pursue a local buffalo meat market and what that will take. The data collected will draw conclusions about the possible risks and successes the project of selling buffalo meat.

Proposal for consideration will need to include:
1. Introduction
2. Scope of Work
3. Requirements
4. Contractor’s Compensation
5. Proposal Deadline
6. Contact Information

Proposals can be submitted to by March 19th.