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Job Opening at Tanka Fund: Business Development Manager

Job Opening at Tanka Fund: Business Development Manager

About the Company:

TRAC is a new South Dakota startup, livestock aggregator of beef and bison in the added value grass-fed and organic space. TRAC is working on helping to supply a humanely raised, grass-fed and organic beef and bison that are owned by Native American producers. TRAC was created and owned by Tanka Fund, a Native-led
South Dakota based 501c3 with support from Native American Natural Foods (NANF), the owner of the award-winning line of Tanka snack products, and our new strategic partners, some of whom have been identified herein (and whose interest or participation in this project are governed by the confidentiality restrictions on TRAC).

TRAC is working with Native American Natural Foods and other companies in this class of valued added meats. TRAC will be working on a guaranteed supply chain agreement and market with access through NANF (Native American Natural Foods), distributor of Tanka Bar. This company and its partners will allow TRAC to provide a guaranteed purchase agreement to its member that will compensate at a price at or above the USDA weekly average prices for animals. TRAC will pursue guarantee purchase agreements as collateral to help our member producers access affordable regenerative capital. This will empower Native American producers who wish to enter the added value market by converting to a certificated program that best fits their goals.

TRAC will develop a reliable and committed long-term supply chain for regenerative sustainable premium meats creates a guaranteed growing market for Native American raised animals – giving Native American communities and their youth a viable economic future on their native lands. TRAC is building partnerships with the leading customers of bison and high-end grass-fed beef. This combined access to market the full value of a carcass to the highest value point combined with access to capital and expertise will create greater opportunity for current markets.

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Position Requirements:

Tanka Resilient Agriculture Company is seeking a dynamic leader with experience in the livestock marketing and
processing of cattle / bison. This position will build, promote, and direct TRAC. This position requires a self-motivated and highly organized person with experience in Agricultural Business and Ag Financing.

Job responsibilities of a business development manager include maintaining customer relationships, locating and developing relationships with new clients in order to grow the company. This person will need the ability to close deals, knowledge of the market, strong presentation abilities, self-motivation, analytic skills when determining market trends, and ability to maintain a positive attitude consistently. The future job market outlook for a business development manager is strong and increasing.

  • Minimum of a BS in Agriculture Business Degree or related field; work experience and expertise will be considered.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; Must have proficient computer skills with the MS Office; must be able to communicate on-line be able to collect information online
  • This position will report to the TRAC Board of Directors and will accomplish the missions and goals set by the Board of Directors.
  • Implement the TRAC collaborative business model that has been developed.
  • Recruit producers and create a conversation/business plans with producers with the idea to enter the Added Value Category of bison, grass-fed and/or organic.
  • Develop operational plans and polices that build a cultural of respect for the bison/cattle, land and people that reside on Native lands. This position will be 100% focused on the success of TRAC producers.


An attractive competitive remuneration package will be negotiated to reflect skills and experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create and implement strategic plan and develop policies and procedures with board of directors for TRAC.
  • Effective financial monitoring, reporting and controls.
  • Lead the TRAC management and membership services teams.
  • Develop and prepare the annual TRAC operations and development plans.
  • Monitor the financial and labor and contract budgets and reports.
  • Help to create members individual producers ranch herds, conservation plans and business plans.
  • Develop capital ventures for producers through TRAC.
  • Be part of the leadership team along with the CEO of Native American Natural Foods and the Executive Director of Tanka Fund to ensure effective leadership in returning bison sustainably to Native communities.

Skills and Experience:

  • Senior management experience in agricultural sector.
  • Strong leadership capacity and experience building high-performance teams.
  • Experience with natural grazing systems with bison and cattle.
  • Experience working with USDA Farm Service Agency and other financial institutions to identify producer resources.
  • Higher level project management skills and experience with asset development.
  • Strong financial literacy and sound business acumen.
  • “Hands on” and energetic with a willingness to embrace new technology.
  • Background in agriculture/horticulture, finance, agribusiness experience.
  • Experience working with Native American producers and communities and lands.
  • Experience with Grass Fed and Organic certification.
  • Experience working with livestock producers, working with Native people or minorities is desired.
  • Background in meat products and/or meat processing a plus.
  • Background in tribal and allotted land management is desired.

How To Apply:

Send a resume and cover letter via email to by March 19, 2021.