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Job Opening at Tanka Fund: Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Job Opening at Tanka Fund: Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Date of Anticipated Hire: ASAP

Work Type: Full-Time Staff

Location: Remote

Salary: $50,000 to $65,000 depending on experience and qualifications 

About Tanka Fund: 

Tanka Fund is a 501(c)3 organization located in South Dakota that is dedicated to improving the lands, lives, and economy of Native communities through Buffalo Restoration and Agricultural pathways. Tanka Fund believes deeply that Native communities hold the solutions to the challenges we face. In line with this thinking, Tanka Fund provides support and Technical Assistance to meet the individual needs of Native ranch operations. Native buffalo caretakers need access to capital, training, and land to participate in the buffalo market. With these assets, they can become leaders in supplying the natural food market. This will break through the economic isolation of the reservation and allow Native peoples the opportunity to participate fully in the buffalo market and natural food industry. Today, Native ranchers are excluded from benefiting from the growing interest and demand for buffalo. Thus, Tanka Fund is a vehicle for community wealth creation. We are creating a way that the Native land base can feed Native peoples. This will also drastically improve access to healthy foods for our communities which struggle with high rates of diabetes and heart disease. Our mission is to return one million acres of Native lands to buffalo to restore the health and prosperity of Native communities. 

Job Summary:

The Tanka Team, which includes Native American Natural Foods, Tanka Fund, TRAC, and Tanka Bar,  is looking for a motivated individual that can lead our organizations into expanded marketing and  communications efforts. The ideal candidate brings strong writing and marketing skills to the table and is comfortable navigating complex organizational systems. Versatility is key: we’re looking for someone who can craft perfect copy, plan and execute an annual digital marketing campaign, oversee the design and content of our webpage, connect with TF staff and Buffalo Producers, tell great stories, and much more.

The incumbent will work alongside Tanka Fund Staff, Partners, and Buffalo Producers to help them effectively communicate their work to a variety of internal and external audiences. You’ll also help us reach new audiences and expand our reach well beyond the borders of South Dakota. We are looking for a candidate that can help us execute an effective and inspiring digital marketing campaign that generates significant increases in revenue, builds momentum, broadens interest, and deepens personal engagement.

Our primary goal is to activate an engaged and committed donor base to return buffalo to the lands to restore the health and prosperity of Native communities. 


  • Content Marketing: provide truly relevant and useful content targeted to our  prospects and donors to deepen engagement and to grow relevant communities that inspire donations and influencers.
  • SEO: provide strategies and implementation recommendations to increase organic search visibility for relevant topics and keywords to support our revenue  goals.
  • Email Marketing & Automation: create marketing emails and work collaboratively with the Executive Director to set up systems for streamlined and effective email marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Advertising: provide digital advertising strategy, creative, and media plans  to deliver on identified key performance indicators and return on ad spend by  utilizing a mix inclusive of Google Grants, Adwords, paid search,social, display,  and other advertising categories.
  • Social Media Growth & Engagement: create content, deepen conversations, grow communities, and inspire influencers.
  • Measurement & Optimization: develop testing and optimization strategy, implement ongoing testing and optimization plan, and provide recurring reporting on leading and lagging KPIs.
  • Collaborating with sales, marketing, advertising, members to planning promotional marketing campaigns such as Support the Return campaign
  • Creating editorial and content creation calendars for various media platforms and outlets
  •  Assisting with the design, negotiation and placement of traditional media ads on TV and radio, social media ads and email blasts; assist with web content
  • Producing a brand style guide that best captures the company or client’s voice and mission
  • Helping team leads set, allocate and monitor the marketing budget of each project
  • Meeting with Tanka staff to discuss brand guidelines, goals, budget and timelines
  • Conducting market research to determine a target audience’s needs, wants, habits, interests and other relevant factors used in creating targeted marketing campaigns
  • Researching previous successful campaigns to understand what worked, what didn’t and what can be improved
  • Reviewing the progress and success of a campaign, adjusting or pitching ideas for new campaigns as necessary


  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Public Relations, or related field preferred.
  • Understanding of Buffalo and Native Culture a plus
  • Affiliation or tribal enrollment desirable
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to collaborate with Tanka staff, team members, producers, donors and customers, where applicable
  • Familiarity with content management systems, web page analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and other relevant software (listed below)
  • Data analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Creativity, adaptability and familiarity with current marketing trends for social media, web, etc.
  • Excellent collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Project management skills: like goal-setting and deadline management
  • Great organization, time management, and prioritization abilities
  • Comfortable in high-pressure and fast-paced environments
  • Be willing to travel 20-25% of the time

Tanka Fund currently uses: 

  • CMS: Currently WordPress
  • CRM Marketing: MailChimp
  • Optimization and Analysis: Google Analytics, WordPress Analytics, MailChimp Analytics
  • Video: YouTube
  • Donor Database: Neon currently, transitioning to Salesforce

To apply: send a cover letter and resume to Trudy Ecoffey at