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Featured Artist: Rachel Twoteeth-Pichardo

Featured Artist: Rachel Twoteeth-Pichardo

Rachel Twoteeth-Pichardo’s design was selected as one of the top 10 submissions for Tanka Fund’s Return blanket contest with Eighth Generation.

She received a cash prize, supported by the Windrose Fund, and shared this statement:

This blanket design is called “Prayers to Those Who Came Before and to Those Who Come After.” The design is inspired by the prayers we offer up in the clarity of night and just before daybreak — the dark blue fading to light. We are taught to pray in the morning, to begin each day thankful and with good intentions, and taught to do the same at night before we go to sleep. This is a design to thank those who prayed before us, and we continue those prayers for the generations after.

Design by Rachel Twoteeth-Pichardo. Two silhouettes of buffalo face each other under a starry sky, with text: Prayers to Those Who Come Before and To Those Who Come After.

Artist Bio:

Rachel Twoteeth-Pichardo is an enrolled member of the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe. She was born and raised in Helena, MT, in which she still currently lives with her husband and daughter. She is a multi-media artist with ledger art being her favorite and digital illustration being her newest medium. She hopes to continue to create artwork that is true to herself and inspire other Indigenous artists to continue to create.