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Featured Artist: Mary Getz

Featured Artist: Mary Getz

Mary Getz’s design was selected as one of the top 10 submissions for Tanka Fund’s Return blanket contest with Eighth Generation.

She received a cash prize, supported by the Windrose Fund, and shared this statement:

With this piece of work, I wanted to convey the importance of Buffaloes in the native community and prairie. By having the image of the Buffalo facing towards the waxing gibbous moon, I illustrate the return of the Buffalo as an inevitability, analogous to the return of the full moon and a light that shines in the darkness of colonialism.

Image of Tanka Fund Return blanket designed by artist Mary Getz. The design is of a buffalo surrounded by the phases of the moon.

Artist Bio:

I am a native (Pokagon Potawatomi), disabled artist and printmaker. My art is like my life: a messy, creative representation. My art is mostly about the little things in life that make me happy: learning about my native heritage, accepting my body, and simple joys. It’s also about the process: getting in the zone, escaping the stress of living with chronic mental/physical illness, and the joy of a completed idea.