Buffalo Restoration

Healthy Lands

At one time, 50 million buffalo roamed the Great Plains, where they were an integral part of maintaining the healthy biodiversity of the prairie ecosystem. Today, the same number of cattle now graze in their place, and yet that same ecosystem is nearly destroyed.

Healthy People

Buffalo meat is good for you. Low in sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat and high in nutrients such as iron, buffalo offers both a traditional, all-natural food source as well as a healthy alternative to other meats.

Healthy Economies

Before buffalo were nearly driven from the Great Plains forever, Indian people relied on this animal to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and ceremony. In this way, the buffalo sustained American Indian people for thousands of years.

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The buffalo are coming back. And it is something of a miracle, Indian people of all tribes organizing to make this dream become a reality.

Richard B. Williams,
Oglala Lakota, former President of the American Indian College Fund and expert on Native history