Support the Return of the Buffalo

Tanka Returns is a national campaign that allows you to support buffalo restoration on American Indian reservations. Restoring buffalo results in:

  • Healthy Lands: Buffalo foster biodiversity, bringing the endangered prairie ecosystem back to life.
  • Healthy People: Buffalo can help reverse the epidemic of diet-related illness as it is an exceptionally nutritious, heart-healthy protein.
  • Healthy Economies: A buffalo economy can bring prosperity to reservations plagued by poverty. 

When you help return buffalo to American Indian people, you are helping create a sustainable future for your grandchildren and ours alike. Please join us! 

Imagine one million acres of land returned to buffalo. Imagine the return of thousands of native plant and animal species whose lives depend on this keystone species. Imagine the return of a healthy local food system and physical wellness in Native communities. And image a shift from poverty to prosperity through meaningful employment caring for the land and the buffalo.

The Tanka Fund is focused on returning one million acres of land to buffalo production and bringing this vision of renewed health to life. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help.

The buffalo market is growing exponentially and demand for buffalo meat is soaring. Native people can’t participate in this growing market because Native buffalo producers and would-be producers lack access to land, bison, capital and training.

That’s where Tanka Fund comes in. We develop the assets needed to sustainably expand existing Native buffalo herds and successfully bring new Native buffalo producers into the market. And, we educate the public about the benefits of buffalo restoration to build a strong base of support for the return.

Your donation will allow a buffalo-based economy to once again thrive on Indian lands. Please join us.

Be Part of History. Support the Return!

About the Tanka Fund

Tanka Fund launched in the fall of 2014 to offer all people the opportunity to help return buffalo to Native lands, lives and economies. Since that time, we have raised and made grants totaling more than $70,000 to Native buffalo ranchers for vital infrastructure, land and sustainability planning! Those grants are possible because people like you support the return. Pilamaya (Thank You)!

Tanka Fund’s goal is to convert one million acres of Native lands to buffalo. Your donation today helps Tanka Fund take the steps needed to reach this goal!

Read the Facts on the Benefits of Buffalo Restoration

Our Sponsor

Native American Natural Foods

Native American Natural Foods LogoNative American Natural Foods (NANF) is a small, Native-owned natural foods company with a big vision. Based on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Kyle South Dakota, NANF produces the popular Tanka Bar line of buffalo-based food products, sold in co-ops and natural foods stores throughout the U.S. including Whole Foods, Costco and REI. As a successful, Native-owned and operated reservation-based business, NANF is a shining example of how the return of buffalo to American Indian communities can have a positive economic impact. But for NANF, producing and selling Tanka products goes way beyond the bottom line; it represents a return to a traditional Native diet and healthy, sustainable way of life.

The Photography

Thanks to Positive Exposures and David Brown Eyes for their incredible photographs of buffalo, and to for the people shots.



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When buffalo live on the grasslands, the prairie becomes reborn. Plant diversity and predators come back; the prairie comes to life.

Mark Tilsen, President,
Native American Natural Foods

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